Choosing a quality catering means guaranteeing and guaranteeing its guests a reception without any nasty surprises is important, that is to say the basis for securing a successful event, whether it be a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event.

How to choose a catering

Every meeting is important and different from another, which is why nothing can be underestimated, from the choice of location, to that of the menu up to the service staff and reception lineup.

What are the aspects to keep in mind when choosing the banquet that will take care of your event?

Here are the aspects that you can’t ignore, details that are not details and that decide if a catering deserves the medal or it’s better to look elsewhere. With the good corporate catering services the deals are perfect for you.

The license

Sometimes everything seems perfect, the menu sent is amazing, the costs are even contained but … is everything ok even with the license? Catering is often an improvised profession, especially in recent years, and many people do not know that specific licenses are required to carry out this profession. To avoid fines or unpleasant incidents at the event (perhaps even yours!) It is essential to be in possession of an administrative license and a health authorization.

The quality of food

It is called HACCP and certifies that food management follows appropriate procedures. Transporting food from one place to another requires scruples and transport rules that must be respected in order for the dishes served to reach their destination fresh. Think, for example, of transporting a wedding cake in the middle of summer and imagine the faces of your guests if cream or cream turns out to be acid on the palate.

Experience and quantity

Accredited experience and professionalism also means perfect quantities of food and drink. Imagine the face of her envious friend of Mama if she were left without a first course or if she could not taste the welcome finger food of your wedding. How to choose a quality catering? This aspect must also be kept in mind.

Service personnel

The number of waiters must be appropriate to the number of guests, with long waiting times at the table and plates and glasses scattered everywhere during an aperitif or a work lunch buffet. A quality catering must also have the sensitivity to prepare orderly uniforms and all the same of the waiters, classic or trendier depending on the type of event. While recommending singapore’s best discoveries the option for the best catering can be also brought.

Meetings and inspections

If a catering company asks you to make an inspection of the location you have chosen for your event before presenting a menu, or if it invites you to meet in person, it does not mean that you do not want to get a quote, but that you want to send you the right estimate. Imagine a location that, instead of the 200 people declared, actually hosts 150. The scruple is always an index of quality.