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Better Details for the Proper Desert Trips

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Watch out for the temperatures. If you plan to leave for Christmas or February, carry a very hot down, resistant to minus 10 ° C. During the day, you can walk in a T-shirt, but always have a windbreak on you. The wind is very frequent in the Sahara. And do not forget headgear and sunscreen because the clouds are extremely rare.


It is the essential accessory for a stay in the desert. The mess tent where you rest is lit by gas or candle. However, as soon as you move away from it, the darkness is total, especially if the moon is thin. It is therefore necessary that all members of the family are equipped with a headlamp. To find his pajamas, locate the mini toilet tent, do not stop against a sleeping camel. Another simple and practical equipment: a cloth-tablecloth that serves all, all the time. Also remember to protect your business (phone, walkman, makeup) in plastic pouches that close.For the Sahara Desert Trips this is the essential deal now.

Board Games

In December the night falls from 17 h 30-18h. The evenings are long in the desert. While waiting for dinner, nothing beats a good deal of cards or dice under the mess tent. For the Sahara, hiking shoes with high stem are to ban: far too heavy and too hot for the desert climate.

Prefer a pair of low-top shoes or sandals

The shoes with low stem : They have the advantage of being light and having a good grip of the sole. A Goretex membrane “waterproof breathable” will keep your feet dry.

Sandals : Other possibilities, even more airy: sandals. They are increasingly equipped with Vibram sole, which ensures them grip and cushioning.

Be careful not to buy closed walking sandals on the front of the foot. Sandals need large openings on the front and back of the foot to let the sand travel under the arch. If this is not the case, you will quickly find yourself with a thick layer of sand under the foot: not very pleasant. Take shoes that are already made at your feet. Ride them before departure if they are new.


You must think of equipping yourself against both the cold and the heat. If the days are generally pleasant or hot depending on the season, evenings are cool or cold.Focus on loose, breathable clothing designed to quickly wick away perspiration and UV-stabilized to protect you from the sun. Avoid shorts, little appreciated by Muslim populations.In the evening, we must opt ​​for warm clothes: tights, socks, hats, fleece or down jacket.

The sleeping bag:

Who is more beautiful than a night under the stars in the Sahara? To fully live this experience, it is imperative to have an excellent sleeping bag. Otherwise, your nights will be a nightmare.