Better Details for the Proper Desert Trips

Watch out for the temperatures. If you plan to leave for Christmas or February, carry a very hot down, resistant to minus 10 ° C. During the day, you can walk in a T-shirt, but always have a windbreak on you. The wind is very frequent in the Sahara. And do not forget headgear and sunscreen because the clouds are extremely rare.


It is the essential accessory for a stay in the desert. The mess tent where you rest is lit by gas or candle. However, as soon as you move away from it, the darkness is total, especially if the moon is thin. It is therefore necessary that all members of the family are equipped with a headlamp. To find his pajamas, locate the mini toilet tent, do not stop against a sleeping camel. Another simple and practical equipment: a cloth-tablecloth that serves all, all the time. Also remember to protect your business (phone, walkman, makeup) in plastic pouches that close.For the Sahara Desert Trips this is the essential deal now.

Board Games

In December the night falls from 17 h 30-18h. The evenings are long in the desert. While waiting for dinner, nothing beats a good deal of cards or dice under the mess tent. For the Sahara, hiking shoes with high stem are to ban: far too heavy and too hot for the desert climate.

Prefer a pair of low-top shoes or sandals

The shoes with low stem : They have the advantage of being light and having a good grip of the sole. A Goretex membrane “waterproof breathable” will keep your feet dry.

Sandals : Other possibilities, even more airy: sandals. They are increasingly equipped with Vibram sole, which ensures them grip and cushioning.

Be careful not to buy closed walking sandals on the front of the foot. Sandals need large openings on the front and back of the foot to let the sand travel under the arch. If this is not the case, you will quickly find yourself with a thick layer of sand under the foot: not very pleasant. Take shoes that are already made at your feet. Ride them before departure if they are new.


You must think of equipping yourself against both the cold and the heat. If the days are generally pleasant or hot depending on the season, evenings are cool or cold.Focus on loose, breathable clothing designed to quickly wick away perspiration and UV-stabilized to protect you from the sun. Avoid shorts, little appreciated by Muslim populations.In the evening, we must opt ​​for warm clothes: tights, socks, hats, fleece or down jacket.

The sleeping bag:

Who is more beautiful than a night under the stars in the Sahara? To fully live this experience, it is imperative to have an excellent sleeping bag. Otherwise, your nights will be a nightmare.


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Quality Comes First with the Best Catering Options

Choosing a quality catering means guaranteeing and guaranteeing its guests a reception without any nasty surprises is important, that is to say the basis for securing a successful event, whether it be a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event.

How to choose a catering

Every meeting is important and different from another, which is why nothing can be underestimated, from the choice of location, to that of the menu up to the service staff and reception lineup.

What are the aspects to keep in mind when choosing the banquet that will take care of your event?

Here are the aspects that you can’t ignore, details that are not details and that decide if a catering deserves the medal or it’s better to look elsewhere. With the good corporate catering services the deals are perfect for you.

The license

Sometimes everything seems perfect, the menu sent is amazing, the costs are even contained but … is everything ok even with the license? Catering is often an improvised profession, especially in recent years, and many people do not know that specific licenses are required to carry out this profession. To avoid fines or unpleasant incidents at the event (perhaps even yours!) It is essential to be in possession of an administrative license and a health authorization.

The quality of food

It is called HACCP and certifies that food management follows appropriate procedures. Transporting food from one place to another requires scruples and transport rules that must be respected in order for the dishes served to reach their destination fresh. Think, for example, of transporting a wedding cake in the middle of summer and imagine the faces of your guests if cream or cream turns out to be acid on the palate.

Experience and quantity

Accredited experience and professionalism also means perfect quantities of food and drink. Imagine the face of her envious friend of Mama if she were left without a first course or if she could not taste the welcome finger food of your wedding. How to choose a quality catering? This aspect must also be kept in mind.

Service personnel

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Meetings and inspections

If a catering company asks you to make an inspection of the location you have chosen for your event before presenting a menu, or if it invites you to meet in person, it does not mean that you do not want to get a quote, but that you want to send you the right estimate. Imagine a location that, instead of the 200 people declared, actually hosts 150. The scruple is always an index of quality.

Moving from the UK to the Resort of Javea & Finding Property For Sale

The holiday season is finally here, and many vacationers are traveling overseas to celebrate Christmas and probably New Year. Maybe you did not have plans to go on vacation at this time of the year, until recently when you changed your mind. This is because most of your friends seem to be going somewhere this Christmas. So, you decided that you are going to Spain with Javea on the Costa Blanca as your destination city. See our property for sale in Javea Spain. The city is also known as Xabia or The Resort of Javea. Well, that is a great idea and here are some of the benefits you can look forward to as a tourist visiting here;

  1. You Get to Spend Less

The Resort of Javea/Xabia is an affordable tourist town that lies in the Mediterranean coastline, on the south-eastern coast of Spain. Everything here is inexpensive from accommodation and transport to food and attractions. Therefore, you will spend less here than you would in other tourist destination cities in Spain.

For example, a world-class 5-star hotel here costs an average of $180 dollars per 24 hours. The rate is higher in other cities, all factors remaining constant. In Barcelona, for instance, it is almost double.

  1. More Tourist Attractions

The Resort of Javea is one of the top tourist cities in Spain, because it hosts more attractions. From Cova Tallada and Cape San Antonio to Torre del Gerro and Playa de la Granadella, there is more to explore here than what is in other cities.

  1. Great Food

The local cuisines are superb, to say the least. Long-lasting culinary traditions, Mediterranean diet and modern Catalan techniques form the biggest part of these delicious local dishes. You will enjoy exquisite dishes such as Crema Catalana, tortilla de patatas, and paella. Some of these are local seafoods.

  1. Security

Javea on the Costa Blanca is one the safest places you can be in Spain. The rate of crime is extremely low here, thanks to the culture and values of the people who live here. Generally, bad behaviours like deceiving, stealing, or kidnapping are abhorred and have no place in this society. Considering this, you can be confident that nobody will steal your camera or attack you when you go out and about.

Final Thoughts

There are many great tourist destination cities in Spain you can visit and have fun for sure. However, the resort of Javea on Spain’s Costa Blanca remains the best destination for many Westerners due to the benefits above. Here, you will spend less, have access to more attractions, as well as enjoy great food and security.

The Benefits of Visiting Javea on the Costa Blanca

Located by the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia Spain is the popular tourist town of Javea on the Costa Blanca. This town has become a popular seaside resort for many tourists, especially those who come from the United Kingdom. Every year, Javea records hundreds of thousands of visitors, with most of them being UK citizens and residents. If you are looking for an exotic place to go this holiday season, we recommend Javea. There are many benefits you can look forward to by choosing this destination over others. They include but not limited to the following:

  1. You Will Enjoy the Magnificent Views and Scenery

Javea on the Costa Blanca is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Lying magnificently along the eastern tip of Spain, this little paradise provides a dramatic variety of scenery. The white-washed walls, the emerald waves and the beach scenery, in general, appeal to many. Javea on the Costa Blanca is a great place to visit if you love nature’s beauty and are also looking for a change of environment too.

  1. More Things to Do

Javea offers plenty of things to do. Visit Cabo de la Nao, Cap de la Nau or Cape of the Ship, located at the southern edge of the bay to indulge in a hiking expedition or just relax on the beach and enjoy the weather. Or go canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, motor boating or just sailing in the waters of Cala Sardinera beach, which is just a few kilometres away. Apart from beach activities, you can also visit Iglesia de la Virgen de Loreto to see one of the most modern churches you will ever see, with its rare design, which is not common for such a religious building. It is so distinct that it can be seen from streets away. Most importantly, each aspect and feature of the design has a meaning, that you can discover for yourself.

  1. Friendly Weather All Year Round

One of the primary reasons why this resort records a higher number of visitors annually is the fact that it has good weather throughout the year. Javea on the Costa Blanca is characterized by Mediterranean climate, which is one of the most favourable climates on earth. No winter or other harsh climatic conditions. The weather is warm, sunny and breezy from January to December. This allows for nonstop outdoor activities.

  1. Hospitable People

Another reason to visit Javea as a tourist is the fact that the locals love visitors. They are friendly and hospitable, always ready to help tourist with directions and advice if need be. The best part is that they do that without expecting anything in return.

Final Thoughts

Now you have four more good reasons to choose Javea on the Costa Blanca over other tourist destinations. Magnificent views and scenery, more things to do, good weather all year round and hospitable people are some of the reasons why many UK tourists flock Javea.